Mums creating inspiring work

This blog is aimed at working parents who are trying to combine a thriving home and family life with a fulfilling career. The idea is to create new ways of thinking about the issues facing working parents, and to give some hope that it is possible to thrive at both! Looking at how we can make life easier, and enabling parents – especially mothers – to cut through some of the barriers that hold them back.

It is not intended in any way as a criticism of parents who have made different choices (to be stay at home parents, to freelance or create their own businesses, or to let work take a back seat for a bit). Fundamentally, parents should have the freedom to choose what’s right for their family. It’s simply that I don’t think I have much to say that can help! Whereas I’m living the family/ corporate career juggle every day, and can usefully add to the debate.

So what are some of the issues we need to solve?

Why does motherhood still come with so many negative perceptions at work?

Why do new mums often lose confidence (and employers lose faith in them) when in reality they are often more capable, resilient and motivated than before having children?

Why are they still tearing themselves apart with guilt that they aren’t doing a good job either at home or at work?

Why is requesting flexible or part-time work still seen as asking employers for a favour?

Why are so many professional women still giving up on the world of employment to set up small businesses or as freelancers – with employers losing years of training,  experience and future potential?

We need a new approach to working parenthood – one that blazes a new and optimistic trail for the women and men who come after us. An approach that creates confidence not guilt. An approach that creates value for our employers and gets us the recognition we deserve. An approach that sees dads as equal partners at home, and learns from them in the workplace.

Are you already thriving at work and parenthood?  How do you make it work?  I would love to hear from you – the more minds the better on this!  Please either comment below or email me via the contact page.