Why should we rethink work for parents?

Alphabet picture and phone - creative working parent

Why does motherhood still come with so many negative perceptions at work?

Why do new mums often lose confidence (and employers lose faith in them) when in reality they are often more capable, resilient and motivated than before having children?

Why are they still tearing themselves apart with guilt that they aren’t doing a good job either at home or at work?

Why is requesting flexible or part-time work still seen as asking employers for a favour?

Why are so many professional women still giving up on the world of employment to set up small businesses or as freelancers – with employers losing years of training,  experience and future potential?

The reality is that we need a new approach to working parenthood – one that blazes a new and optimistic trail for the women and men who come after us. An approach that creates confidence not guilt. An approach that creates value for our employers and gets us the recognition we deserve. An approach that sees dads as equal partners at home, and learns from them in the workplace.

This blog is intended to provide alternative ways of thinking about some of these issues, and enable working parents – especially mothers – to adapt to their new reality and thrive at work and at home.

Eventually, the aspiration is to create a new model for successful working parenthood, and some rules for making it work – that will help parents thrive, and employers retain and grow some of their most valuable talent.

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